Residents First

We believe that tax dollars should reinforce our economy and give something back to the local taxpayer. Through a commitment to invest our tax dollars in our community, we can put our residents back to work. We accomplish this by recruiting and assessing local workers, providing training for construction careers, and maintaining accountability and transparency.

Partnering with Residents:

LiUNA’s commitment to Miami-Dade County is to ensure that local residents are put to work on infrastructure and capital improvement projects. Today, LiUNA has partnered with area residents on several projects that have resulted in close to 90-percent of the workforce on the project coming from within Miami-Dade County. As part of its commitment to its workers and local residents, LiUNA provides access to affordable healthcare, retirement benefits, and long-term careers in the construction industry.

LiUNA in the Community
LiUNA in the Community

Partnering with Contractors:

LiUNA believes that the key to putting local residents to work on infrastructure projects is a commitment to advanced training and local apprenticeship programs. Today, LiUNA provides a high quality, third party certified apprenticeship program that gives apprentices the skills and education they need to be successful long term. Further, LiUNA is proud of its track record of completing jobs on time and under budget.

Partnering with Local Governments:

The cornerstone of LiUNA’s partnership with local governments is its commitment to accountability and transparency. Through its work on an infrastructure project, LiUNA provides transparent reports detailing exactly where workers employed on projects are from. It provides elected and community leaders with the information they need to deliver on their promise to local residents of hiring them first. LiUNA’s commitment is to train area residents and workers and connect them with career opportunities in the construction industry in a transparent and accountable way. With this, Build305 gives elected officials the tools they need to show how local governments can serve their constituents and improve the lives of residents.

LiUNA in the Community